Reed Stem Epidendrum

We always get a wonderful selection of different types of orchids for our orchid sales.  This year there was an amazing variety of Encyclias and Epidendrums, orchids rarely found for sale in these parts.   Tucked at the back of one tray were two delightful little plants with slender stems and tightly-spaced, glossy, succulent-looking leaves.  At the top of the stems were several clusters of very small, sublimely vibrant red flowers.

Reed Stem Epidendrum

They were very intriguing and eventually they both found homes with Orchid Club members who were assisting with the sale.  These are commonly known as Reed Stem Epidendrums.  They require slightly different care than your average windowsill orchid plant.  They require very high light and actually tolerate full sun well.  They can also tolerate temperatures down to freezing.  In more temperate regions, they are grown outdoors as bedding plants.  Here is some care and culture information for these delightful little orchids:

Epidendrums attract hummingbirds

Ideal for novice growers


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