The Orchids are here for Saturday’s Sale, and they are beautiful!!  Here’s just a small sampling.  For more info Click Here!












Don’t miss the Sioux Falls Orchid Club’s 2014 Orchid Show & Sale!

May 3, 2014

Preview at 9:30

Sale from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Just in time for Mother’s Day! Join us at The Outdoor Campus , 4500 S. Oxbow Ave. in Sioux Falls (the room where we hold Monthly Meetings). We will have many blooming orchids from around the world on display and for sale.

Pick your orchids, pay and be on your way! No waiting, no bidding, just plenty of beautiful, quality blooming orchids not otherwise available in our area. They make a beautiful and unique Mother’s Day gift, lovely home decorations, and a fun and rewarding hobby. Purchase 4 or more and receive a 10% discount!

Orchid club members will also be on hand to answer questions and help you make selections. We will have potting supplies available for sale and free culture sheets to help you care for your new orchids.
DSCF0818 (374x500)We prefer cash or personal check, however for your convenience we will be able to accept debit and credit cards!

Want to learn more about our sales? Check out Fall Sneak Preview and Orchid Sale Update.

That's 7.5" of Iowa Cornfed hand in the background.

Blc. Kalei Mist
(That’s 7.5″ of Iowa Cornfed hand in the background.)

The orchids are here for the 2013 Orchid Show & Auction!  We have some great orchids ready to go home with you, including some unique surprises like mounted coconut orchids.

Here are just a few more orchids that will be available:

IMG_0149 (478x640)

Bln Aka’s Aloha

IMG_0150 (478x640)

Bnfd Gilded Tower ‘Mystic Maze’

Den. Salaya Gold

Den. Salaya Gold

I’m updating our mailing list to get ready for the upcoming auction.  Some of the names on our list have been at every sale or special function we’ve had for several years, and I’ve met a few of you.  We appreciate your enthusiasm for orchids and your patronage, so when we get a “Return to Sender”, I hate to simply delete the name.  Instead, I spend a few minutes cyberstalking you to see if I can find a more current mailing address.  It has worked a few times; some I can’t track down;  for others, google returns an obituary.

The first name I looked up this morning was linked to this lovely article at about orchids.

“You get addicted to it.” Says Grabia, “but the greatest asset in growing orchids is patience.”. . .

Whether it’s caring for orchids or a life long companion, Grabia is always looking ahead.  “It’s essential that we develop and continue to grow mentally as well as physically.” he says.

I couldn’t agree more.  Rev. Grabia, if you still check this website, consider this your personal invitation.  I hope to meet you at the auction.

Potinara Burana Beauty

Potinara Burana Beauty

We had a great time last weekend at the Sioux Falls Lawn & Garden Show!  Thank you to all of you who attended our presentation and repotting demonstration.   Orchids are great houseplants and their needs really are fairly simple.  I was thrilled to see so many hands go up when I asked how many of you were growing orchids!

I hope I was able to offer you some information you can use.  As you can tell, I can happily talk orchids for well over an hour and I am grateful to everyone who endured the whole speech. I especially appreciated the folks who chuckled at my electrical conductivity/light color/rainforest climate joke!  (Was afraid I would either genuinely scare you, or that no one would get it!)  I know I promised to upload some of the information here on the website, but right now I’m busy finalizing details for our upcoming orchid auction!  Click Here for more info!  Check back next week, I will try to add the light, water and potting comparative charts.

Special Thanks to:

  • The Minnehaha Master Gardeners for letting us participate in such a well run show.  All the volunteers were so helpful and knowledgeable and before we were packed up for the day, we heard them already scheming how to improve next year’s show.
  • The fine members of the Sioux Falls Orchid Club for not only sharing their great photos, but also braving the cold with their beautiful blooming orchids! (Can it just be Spring, already?!)
  • A huge round of applause for Wes on the great job he did with the Repotting demonstration!  I was inspired to go home and do a bunch of spring repotting and dividing this week and I know I’m not the only one! (Now that we know so many of you are growing orchids, perhaps next year we can do more of a “Make & Take” demonstration, where you get to repot your own orchids or maybe get a piece of one from us.  Wouldn’t that be fun)?
  • A special personal thanks to Bethany for letting me wheedle a piece of her  cattleya Wes divided to replace one I killed.
    Mounted Cattleya Divisions

    Mounted Cattleya Divisions

    The orchid’s name is Potinara Burana Beauty; it’s the lovely red and yellow flower pictured above.  When I got it home, I discovered two seperate pieces.  Both of these have been mounted on fir bark.  If I can get both divisions going, watch for one of them to be raffled at a future Orchid Club meeting!

  • And another personal thanks to the “Orchid Mentalist” I told you about–the octogenarian who never ceases to add to his enormous knowledge of orchids.  He inspires me to strive to learn new things about orchids whenever I can.  He wrote last Sunday about the latest wing he’s adding to his “Orchidaceae Memory Palace”–moving many of his cattleyas to wood mounts on pieces of wood he collects while out with his walking club!

I’m already mulling over topics for next year’s Lawn & Garden Show!  Since several of you mentioned growing cymbidiums and I didn’t include them in the slide show, maybe that would be a good topic.  I’ve only recently started collecting them, myself, so we’ll see how good I am at meeting their needs by the 2014 Lawn & Garden Show.  Until then I’ll leave you with this photo of a cymbidium I got earlier this month–it’s spectacular!IMG_0028

At October’s Sioux Falls Orchid Club meeting, we talked about orchid tags and how to read the names to get more information about your orchid.  All those strange names can be confusing and sometimes the abbreviations make it difficult to even figure out what family your orchid belongs to.  We looked at a few tags from the Fall Auction to see examples of species, named hybrids and hybrid crosses that have yet to be registered.  We also browsed a few websites that you can use to find out more about orchids.

Two  very helpful articles are Orchid Tag–Don’t Lose that Name! and RVO’s Orchid Genus Listing.   RiverValley Orchid Works is a great source of information for all things orchid–browse their articles and forums for helpful hints and gorgeous photos.

Two other good resources are the RHS International Orchid Register and the Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia.

It’s Orchid Auction time again!   Join us for fun, beauty and bargains!  Come just to see all the beautiful flowers, to buy a gift for yourself or a friend or to build a wonderful orchid collection of your own.  Want more details?  Click here!



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